Arriving in Portugal? We will pick you up at the airport!

If you’re traveling to Aveiro and will reach Portugal via Airport don’t worry about anything. For your total comfort, we provide a private transfer service. The Allavarium Tours operates at the following airports:

Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro – Porto (OPO): The airport is located about 11 km from the center of Porto, an important industrial and commercial center of the country. Elected once again, in 2015, by ACI – Airports Council International – one of the five best European Airports, a distinction it has been enjoying since 2006, Porto Airport, that, in 2014, has processed a total of 6.9 million passengers, is increasingly reinforcing its role as a key contributor to the attractiveness of both the city and the region it serves.


Lisboa Airport (LIS):
Seven km from the city centre, Lisbon Airport is the largest Portuguese airport and was used by 20.1 million passengers in 2015.



Transfers Allavarium Tours vs Public Transportation

The private transfer has advantages at all levels in relation to public transport for speed, convenience and price.

Direct Path: The first inconvenient transportation in public bus is the path. To get to Aveiro you will need to take the Metro to the city center of Porto and later an Express Bus or Train. Depending on the hotel, you may still need to take another city bus or even a taxi on arrival to the city of Aveiro. With our transfer, transportation is direct to destination without stops.

Less waiting: Take multiple transport means waiting time at bus stops and terminals. You want to know the city, extend the towel on the beach, stroll along the waterfront or try the famous regional cuisine – not wait at a bus stop. Private shuttle transportation is direct.

Less confusing: Public transportation is confusing to those who are not familiar with the area. When you are out and while traveling in a bus it’s not easily to recognize the site for which you are going, making it difficult to know when to leave or change transportation. Not master the local language is another barrier to communication. In transfer Allavarium Tours service is direct and uncomplicated, simply provide the address of the final destination and your concerns end there.

Cheaper: Take the example of a couple who goes on holiday to Aveiro. A first Metro ride to the city of Porto, a second train ride from Porto to Aveiro and possibly a third on a urban circuit bus in Aveiro, in order to get out relatively close to the desired destination. All these transport and time spent is expensive. In transfer Allavarium Tours service is straightforward and carefree, simply enter the address of your accommodation.